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UTS-IBM Smarter Planet Project

Increasingly intelligent and connected technologies like autonomous robots and cyber-physical systems are reshaping the nature of collaboration, business and work. These technologies will make possible entirely new forms of collaboration which will lead to significant opportunities for Australian government and industry.

The project will develop and validate a new, pragmatic approach to the development of intelligent systems that can undertake collaborative action in Smarter Planet applications. It aims to develop an innovative framework and associated models, methods and tools to improve the real-time collaboration capabilities of systems that can perceive and undertake physical and social actions. Using formal logics and practical, hybrid models of collaboration, action and behaviour, the approach will allow smart buildings, smart homes and smart cities to share resources effectively and engage seamlessly with users.

Web 2.0 has demonstrated how collaborative technologies can lead to advantage, and technologies that can collaborate with people physically and social will create new business opportunities and help to achieve higher levels of productivity.

Research Team


  • UTS Broadway Building
  • Nao Robots
  • PR2 Robot and Community
  • UTS Social Car of the Future

Funding Contributions

  • Australian Research Council
  • IBM Research
  • University of Technology, Sydney